| | First Root: Recently closed tasks 2017-10-15T11:04:11Z FS#85: HDD replacement vnode09 2017-10-15T11:04:11Z 2017-10-15T02:55:32Z
[15.10.2017 06:00 CE(S)T] harddisk has been replaced, raid is resyncing. If your VPS is not online again please start it through F-Com
[15.10.2017 05:00 CE(S)T] vnode09 has a faulty harddisk and we will replace it shortly. During the replacement your VPS will be unavailable
First Root UG
FS#44: Outage kvm03 2014-05-27T13:49:32Z 2014-05-27T13:44:01Z
[15:40:00 27.05.2014 CE(S)T] Due to a Kernel-Bug we were forced to reboot kvm03.
First Root UG
FS#1: Sample Task 2013-09-10T11:47:12Z 2005-10-22T23:46:37Z
This isn't a real task. You should close it and start opening some real tasks.
First Root UG