| | First Root: Recently edited tasks 2019-07-09T15:48:22Z FS#96: Incoming DDoS on 2019-07-09T15:48:22Z 2019-07-08T15:42:42Z
[08.7.2019 19:28 CET] is currently under DDoS. Our DDoS Protection is filtering out the attack and no further disturbance is expected.
First Root UG
FS#94: [24.06.2019] DDoS Attack 2019-07-08T15:43:42Z 2019-06-24T15:27:32Z
Today we were target of an DDoS attack that took down our infrastructure.
The problem is now solved and now further issues should remain.
First Root UG
FS#95: Incoming DDoS on 2019-07-08T15:43:23Z 2019-07-06T17:30:19Z
[06.7.2019 19:28 CET] is currently under DDoS. Our DDoS Protection is currently filtering out the attack and no further disturbance should occure.
First Root UG
FS#93: Reboot of all KVM nodes due to security Updates 2019-06-06T14:53:25Z 2019-05-15T07:41:00Z
Due to the recently discovered Flaw in Intel processors we will reboot all kvm nodes without further announcement.
Information about this can be found here:
First Root UG
FS#92: Planned Maintenance node47 2019-02-14T16:25:42Z 2019-02-11T10:15:29Z
[11.02.2019 22:00 o'clock CET] We will replace hardware on this node and need to restart all VPS on it.
First Root UG
FS#88: Upgrade OpenVZ and KVM Kernel due to security bugs 2019-02-11T10:15:44Z 2018-01-06T15:19:19Z
[06.01.2018] During the next days we will reboot all OpenVZ and KVM Nodes to apply the latest security fixes against spectre and meltdown
First Root UG
FS#91: Outage node48 2018-11-30T16:17:42Z 2018-11-30T15:36:32Z
[30.11.2018 16:30] we were forced to reboot node48, all VPS should be up within the next 10 minutes.
[30.11.2018 16:00] currently node48 is unavailable. We are at the datacenter and checking the reason
First Root UG
FS#90: Routing Issue DUS1 2018-10-08T12:44:05Z 2018-10-08T12:43:41Z
[14:45 o'clock] We had an unforseen routing issue in our DUS1 location. Due to this issue routing was affected for around 10 minutes.
First Root UG
FS#89: Reboot node39 2018-06-20T07:49:07Z 2018-06-19T20:10:06Z
[19.06.2018 22:00 o'clock] we were forced to reboot the node due to an kernel upgrade. This was unfortunately necessary because we hit an kernel bug.
First Root UG
FS#87: dus01 ip connectivity problems / power failure / outage 2017-12-19T16:50:15Z 2017-12-19T01:33:01Z
[19.12.2017 04:50 CET]: Power has been restored and we are currently checking all nodes and servers.

[19.12.2017 02:50 CET]: We arrived at the datacenter and currently we and other customers have no power on both redundant power feeds. The datacenter technicians are on site and currently working on a solution.

[19.12.2017 02:30 CET]: We lost IP connectivity to dus1. We are currently investigate this issue.
First Root UG